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Iris Data Science (Exigo Ltd)

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Introducing the Business:

Iris Data Science is a data science business, leveraging machine learning, 'Big Data' and the power of predictive analytics. Iris Data Science provides a blend of statistical, data and computer science expertise to enable data collection, processing, storage and visualisation, data mining, forecasting and improved decision-making – essentially “turning data into gold”. Our background involves handling broad and large datasets and using a wide range of IT solutions, including business intelligence, statistics, SharePoint, SQL, GIS, Internet of Things (IOT) and bioinformatics with a focus on IOT, machine learning and predictive analytics. Our Client Sectors Include: • Agriculture • Environment • Genetics • Health and Sports Analytics • Traceability and food safety • Education • Tourism • Urban - planning management • Various Technologies - Internet of Things (IOT)

What the Business needs:


Skills required include; Python and Linux. Having a preference for web frameworks 

Data Science Intern:

Data Science Applications, or computer science background 

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

Consultancy House, Level 3,

7 Bond St


Preferred Contact Information:

Greg Peyroux 

021 262 9769

[email protected]