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Iris Data Science (Exigo Ltd)

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Introducing the Business:

We are a data science business, leveraging machine learning, ‘Big Data’, artificial intelligence and the power of predictive analytics to bring you actionable intelligence. Iris Data Science is a company providing services in statistics and machine learning, machine vision, AI, big data and information technologies to help businesses become more efficient, enable better decision making and solve particular challenges using their data. We achieve this by offering to our clients predictive analytics solutions (prediction, forecasting and optimisation), data visualisation and insights (report generation, graphs and dashboards) and decision support tools (decision models, change detection, early warning systems, hypothesis testing, machine vision) underpinned by the IT infrastructure and software necessary to deploy these solutions (databases and data management, networking and data transfer, GIS, web visualisation). Currently we are focusing on deep learning technologies, applied mainly in the agricultural, environmental and health sectors. Deep learning can provide improved accuracy over traditional machine learning and statistical techniques because of automatic feature engineering and better handling of spatial hierarchies of patterns. We are also involved in health research, data and models via a partnership between Iris Data Science and Inquisit – two established businesses combining to deliver smart health solutions, with a focus on AI.

What the Business needs:

Statistician/Machine Learning/Data Science intern:
Assisting with R&D tasks around our data science projects, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical modelling.

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Office Address:

Consultancy House, Level 2,

7 Bond St


Preferred Contact Information:

Greg Peyroux 
021 262 9769
[email protected]