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Tussock Innovation

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Introducing the Business:

At Tussock Innovation we design and manufacture internet connected products. These products fall into a category called Internet of Things (IoT). IoT products come in all shapes and sizes; and enable a broad range of exciting new business opportunities.

What the Business needs:

Marketing Intern
Looking for an opportunity to contribute to a high tech business? Do you care about the environment, protecting people and making real change? This role involves contributing to Tussock Innovations Waterwatch water monitoring marketing campaign. Hone your skills with targeted marketing experience directed at both national and international companies. 

Computer Science or Electronics Intern
Are you interested in robotics and guidance systems? Do you want to step outside of the norm and contribute to the most high tech low power products in Australasia? We are looking for an intern who has experienced C or C++ and understands the intricacies of a CPU. The perfect applicant should be able to tell us about an electronic project or robot they have built or programmed.