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The Tarn Group

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Introducing the Business:

At The Tarn Group, we craft elegant digital solutions that enhance the relationship between subject matter experts and their learner. Our solutions are providing our clients with efficient ways to share their knowledge that engages their learner.

What the Business needs:

Content Creator
We are seeking a talented content creator (written and/or video) to join our content development and marketing team. To help us produce compelling resources with the goal to expand our company’s digital footprint, raise awareness and generate leads.
Candidates must have:

  • A love for writing and/or video editing 
  • Be proficient in using social media platforms 
  • A sound understanding of content marketing 
  • Is up to date with latest search engine trends 

Candidates will be asked to do:

  • Write/produce various types of content 
  • Transform boring resources into engaging content 
  • Update content for search engines and lead generation.

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

205 Princess St, Dunedin 

Preferred Contact Information:

Daniel Thomas
03 479 2577
021 702 482 
[email protected]