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PocketSmith Ltd


Introducing the Business:

PocketSmith is online money management software. We have users in 200 countries, and we help them connect to over 11,000 banks worldwide. Our users are a varied and intelligent bunch. We love them. You’ll be interacting with couples, families, budgeting geeks, techs, creatives, businesspeople… the lot. They all use PocketSmith to manage their daily finances and plan for the future. We ourselves are an eclectic and friendly team of 15. We love pets, tech, design, hanging out, and long walks on the beach. Most of us are based here in Dunedin. Come say hi!

What the Business needs:

Social Media and Marketing Intern

We’re looking for someone to join our team who has: Excellent writing skills, a good eye for interesting/authentic content suited to our audience and an understanding of social media marketing.

The job will involve: Working to grow our audience online, creating original content for our social channels. This includes writing articles and coming up with strategies for social media and writing up posts for new features as they're released. You will also be tasked with identifying interesting channels/bloggers/people of interest for promo purposes, interacting with our user base to obtain user reviews/stories that we can share for social proof.

Any previous experience will be a plus!

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

7 Bond Street 

Level 3, Consultancy House 


Preferred Contact Information:

Bridie O'Leary 

027 427 2300

[email protected]