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2Zelex Ltd - Happy Moose

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Introducing the Business:

We design and build new photo printing products. Our mission is to help 10M mums to leave a legacy to their next generations.

What the Business needs:

Product brochure designerLooking to make a positive impact on every newborn in New Zealand? Work closely with our lead designer to design our flag-ship product brochure. We will include it in every package we are sending out. If budget allows, we will also include it in the pregnancy and newborn package that 60,000 kiwi mums will receive every year. Requirements: 1. Familiar with InDesign and Photoshop. 2. Good, clear and confident writing. 3. Be proud of your work.

Full-Stack Software EngineerLooking for an opportunity to implement a feature that spans from the database layer all the way up to javascript? Work closely with our software lead to implement Google Photos integration into our production site. You'll be responsible for working with the Google OAuth to establish customer credentials, integrate with new Google Photos API and display/maintain selected photos. Requirements: 1. Familiar with Javascript, Python and MySQL. Understanding of Flask is a plus. 2. Quick learner and good trouble-shooter. 3. Take pride in your work.

Content WriterLove writing and video production? Here is a great way to make a measurable impact using your skills. You'll be responsible for creating screencasts to showcase how the key features of our website work. You'll decide what to write and how to write based on qualifiable customer feedbacks. Requirements: 1. Good, clear and confident writing. 2. Be able to see things with a beginner's eyes. 3. Be proud of your work.

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2 Tewsley Street

Preferred Contact Information:

Alex Dong
[email protected]