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CloudCannon Limited

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Introducing the Business:

We are focused on creating a new way of building websites that fits into a software development workflow. We want to make the technology stack smaller to allow people to build more with less. We do this by taking a unique approach built on top of Git and Jekyll (a static site compiler). We work with Netflix and Twitch to build new solutions to common problems.

What the Business needs:

Web Developer
Build websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript. You should have an eye for design to help convert designs into code. Using Git to store these sites. Using command line commands to improve your own efficiency.

Web Designer
Design websites in sketch. Use information and human centred design thinking to craft websites for real uses. Knowing/learning HTML & CSS will be at the core.

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

1 Bond Street, Level 1 

Preferred Contact Information:

George Phillips
[email protected]