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2Zelex Ltd - Happy Moose

We design and build new photo printing products. Our mission is to help 10M mums to leave a legacy to their next generations.

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AbacusBio are international leaders in agribusiness consulting. We apply world-class scientific research and advanced technology to improve agricultural systems and products.

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BikeSchool is the leading mountain biking and cycle-skills coaching company in New Zealand.

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BISON Group Ltd

BISON specialises in container weighing and lifting solutions for logistics and military. The company is the global market leader in portable container scales and has recently launched a new line of container lifts targeted at exporters and importers.

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CloudCannon Limited

We are focused on creating a new way of building websites that fits into a software development workflow. We want to make the technology stack smaller to allow people to build more with less.

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Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust

The Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust is a registered charitable organisation that produces art and cultural projects including the Dunedin Fringe Festival, NZ Young Writers Festival, Amped Music Project and provides year round support and development for Dunedin's creative sector. 

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content education perfect

Education Perfect

Education Perfect is a digital learning platform. Our target markets are schools and learning organisations.

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Headfirst Travel

HeadFirst Travel is all about Bringing Alive Local Legends (BALL) for visitors while transporting them to exciting destinations and attractions. 

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Meltwater (A G Consulting LTD)

Meltwater provide businesses with insights from editorial, social, broadcast media and the growing world of online data. Our clients range from Governments through financial institutions, tourism operators, retail chains and manufacturers to mining corporations.

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MixBit is currently working on Zeen - a video conference app. We focus on teams that work remotely.

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MYTH Digital & Brand Agency

Myth is a digital marketing company with a high quality reputation and talented team. A large number of Dunedin marketers have started their careers at MYTH.

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Otago Cricket

Otago Cricket is the sporting body responsible for administering Cricket in the lower half of the South Island. 

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Presbyterian Support Otago

Presbyterian Support Otago is a social service agency that works to support, fair, just and caring communities. We have services right across the Otago region.

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Rad Dunedin

Rad is an art studio and workshop host for youth aged 8-18. They invite local artists to come and teach on site and facilitate the young students to create their own pieces of contemporary art out of salvaged and /or traditional resources. 

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Red Badge Security

At Red Badge we provide security and event management for Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin Town Hall and other facilities in the Otago region

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The Tarn Group

At The Tarn Group, we craft elegant digital solutions that enhance the relationship between subject matter experts and their learner. 

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Tussock Innovation

At Tussock Innovation we design and manufacture internet connected products. These products fall into a category called Internet of Things (IoT). IoT products come in all shapes and sizes; and enable a broad range of exciting new business opportunities.

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