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Step 4: Hints & Tips - Interview Advice

Research the Business

Research the company and prepare yourself to answer company-specific questions.

Familiarise yourself with the company’s mission statement, history, product and service offerings, management structure, and information about the company culture.

Look at current events – read their recent press releases so that you can knowledgeably discuss the direction in which the company is going during your interview .

Review your CV and develop multiple talking points about all of your past experiences.

Polish your answers – nothing destroys your credibility faster than a constant stream of filler words such as “um”, “like”, and “you know”.

Dress for Success

Dress for success; communicate professionalism with your attire.

In general, you should look as if you put time and effort into your personal appearance. Your clothing should complement your appearance, not be a distraction.


The Interview

Speak clearly and enunciate. You don’t want your brilliant answers to be lost because you were mumbling. 

Make sure you answer the question being asked. Off-base, roundabout answers are a surefire way to talk yourself out of a position. 

The first sentence of your answer should set the tone by restating the question and providing your initial opinion. 

From there, you can add details from your own research, opinions, and experiences. 
However, you should always make sure you cycle back to your original point and don’t stray 
too far off topic. 

Take a deep breath, relax, and let your personality shine through. Smile and have fun – remember, if you are adequately prepared, you will be successful.