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Step 4: Funding – how to access the funding

To receive funding ($1000 per intern exclu GST), businesses must complete a report about each intern; each intern is also required to complete a report about their internship experience. The feedback collected guides continuous improvement and ongoing research of the programme.

The business and intern reports can be completed online here: Reports Page 

In addition to the reports, each business must provide:

  • A tax invoice for each intern against "Dunedin City Council" quoting the order number provided
  • Payroll records showing payment dates, amounts and the intern's signature (the Visa Type must also be provided if necessary)

Please submit the required information to Dunedin City Council,Enterprise Dunedin before 30 June 2017.


Please address invoice to:

Dunedin City Council
Enterprise Dunedin
PO Box 5243
Moray Place
Dunedin 9058

Please email to:

[email protected]z

When do I get the funding?

The funding is paid once you have submitted the required paperwork after the end of the internship. 

The final date to uplift funding is 30 June 2017. 

Questions? Please call Reana Te Hei on (03) 474 3409.