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Welcome to Sexy Summer Jobs, the Dunedin Business Internship Programme. 


Sexy Summer Jobs is a proven way for Dunedin businesses to find skilled students. 

We support businesses to attract talented interns to grow exceptional Dunedin companies.


“Great programme that seems to bring the stars to the top as far as the quality of the interns go and really allows a small business like mine to get a foothold with staff without the risk of hiring a non-performer.”

Derek Morrison, Adventure Media Group Ltd


“This is a great service, and really provides us (as a small business) with an opportunity to complete work that otherwise probably wouldn't happen. The work that was completed by the intern was exemplary, reflecting the quality of work which we strive to deliver to clients. She was able to add another dimension to our work - an injection of creativity in amongst the technical know-how of Ahika.”

Rhys Millar, Ahika Consulting


“Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to take part in this. Being a young growing business in Dunedin there is always a risk taking on new staff but the process was really smooth and the speed dating night was a great way to meet some fresh new faces and from there we had the chance to take it further. The intern is now a valued part of our team on a permanent part-time basis and has helped our business in many ways. Sexy Summer Jobs is a great chance for Dunedin businesses to give back to young Dunedin people looking to find a place in the local workforce. Thanks a lot!”

Chris Brun, The Print Room

Info for Businesses

The beauty of Sexy Summer Jobs is that you decide how you run the internship, what you pay your intern, and how you measure success.

You can find an intern through your own networks and can also attend a ‘Speed Dating’ event to meet potential interns face to face. You decide whether they’re a good fit for your business and whether they have the skills you are looking for.

Info for Students

The programme gives tertiary students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with innovative Dunedin businesses who are developing cutting edge products and services.

Interns are paid for their work and gain experience in a real-world environment.

1 in 2 interns are offered a position with the business after their internship.

Sexy Summer News

Dunedin is bringing Sexy Summer Jobs back. A speed dating event between businesses and students will launch Dunedin’s Sexy Summer Jobs business internship programme in September this year for the 2016 and 2017 summer season. 

100% of businesses surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with Sexy Summer Jobs

1 in 2 Sexy Summer interns are offered a job after their internship

Up to 48 interns placed each season